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Codal Complete

A Digital Solutions Partner For Your Asset Management Firm

Think of us as an extension of your team. Whether you’re looking for a team of talented developers or a more intricate multi-team solution, we’re ready to enhance your operational performance, expedite project delivery, and drive innovation—together.

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Our Solution

Codal Complete

Offering a full range of design and development services, Codal Complete fills in the gaps of your internal team. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:

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Rapid speed to market: Go to market fast with new digital products, features, and updates.

Flexibility: Build a team tailored to your requirements—whether it’s several developers or a full-stack team—and scale resources up or down as needed.

Industry expertise: Collaborate with technical experts who understand the financial industry’s fast-changing market trends and compliance regulations.

Around-the-clock support: Utilize a global team to meet tight deadlines and receive prompt responses and assistance.

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Our Capabilities

To succeed in the landscape of wealth & asset management 4.0, your firm needs digital solutions that delight clients, empower employees, and adapt quickly to ever-evolving market trends. Codal specializes in:


Legacy System Modernization

Modernizing legacy enablement products and services with best-in-breed tools and custom software. 


Experience Design

Designing intuitive and engaging user experiences for customers, employees, and partners.


Data & AI

Implementing data and AI solutions to streamline the back office and enhance the client experience.


Business Velocity

Creating business velocity by leading efficient processes, roadmapping, and sprint cadences.


Ongoing Maintenance

Providing ongoing maintenance and support to enhance product performance and eliminate downtime.

How we can help

Types of Projects

Codal will help your firm design, develop, test, launch, maintain, and optimize a wide range of digital products, including:

Compliance management portals

Creative data visualization tools

Onboarding platforms

Custom APIs & middleware

AI & data augmentation solutions

Mobile applications

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Client Success Stories

Codal helps wealth & asset management firms discover, implement, and scale cutting-edge solutions that drive ROI, and accelerate digital transformation. Check out some of our recent work to see what we’re capable of creating.

Charles Schwab - Case Study
Charles Schwab

Redesigning SchwabCT to help automate compliance workflows for financial institutions

The Partner 
Founded in 1971, Charles Schwab offers banking, investing, wealth management, and other financial services to retail and institutional clients around the world. 

The Project
Charles Schwab needed to revamp its internal compliance solution, SchwabCT, with a user-focused, data-driven approach. Clients use the tool to automate manual, time-consuming tasks related to monitoring employee trading activity, and to ultimately uphold their organization’s code of ethics. 

Codal simplified SchwabCT’s information architecture and designed a faster, more intuitive UX. This tool continues to help organizations grow by streamlining financial compliance.

Claimdeck - Case study

Improving collaboration between insurers & lawyers for smarter insurance claim management

The Partner 
A cutting-edge litigation management platform, ClaimDeck streamlines the processing of insurance claims by automating legal workflows, visualizing insightful data, and improving communication between insurers and lawyers.

The Project
To help insurance carriers and law firms process insurance claims more efficiently, ClaimDeck aspired to build a litigation management platform that could streamline collaboration between parties, automate workflows, and present data in an intuitive, non-traditional way. 

Enter Codal. Our team built the platform from scratch, providing elegant UX/UI design, cutting-edge functionality, and a solid data infrastructure that enables limitless possibilities with AI and ML.

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