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Working on the forefront of digital transformation in the auto industry

Partnering with leading automotive manufacturers, wholesalers, private equity firms, and eCommerce merchants, we are providing innovative strategies and solutions to drive long-term success.
Our extensive experience in the industry is driving our thought leaders and subject matter experts to further discuss the many complex challenges automotive brands and its leaders are facing.

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A leader who helps move you forward

Accelerate business growth with our boundless innovation and digital solutions. 

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Boost customer engagement through data-driven UX/UI design.


Modernize legacy applications to cut costs and reduce manual work.


Leverage AI to personalize the customer experience.


Centralize and visualize data from disparate sources for greater business insights.


Improve speed to market for new storefronts, products, and features.

Automotive Industry x Codal success stories 

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Hertz’s leadership team understands the importance of embracing digital transformation to streamline internal processes, increase scalability, and maintain the brand’s competitive edge in the car rental industry. Hertz came to Codal with a business challenge that needed an elegant digital solution.

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Automotive Keys Group

As a leading remanufacturer and distributor of key replacements for automobiles, garages, sliding doors, padlocks, vending machines, and other relevant equipment - AKG partnered with Codal to merge four newly acquired key replacement companies into a modern, unified B2B eCommerce experience.

The AKG team now manages one product catalog, centralized to a single warehouse—resulting in smarter workflows, lower operational costs, and greater business scalability.